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DNCE – The Cannery Ballroom – Nashville, TN – 1.31.17

The stage turns black. Speakers scream the… Star Wars theme song? The audience begins to audibly scream and laugh out loud. Lights and smoke fill the air, almost blinding us. As the smoke clears, a heavy hip-hop bass line is added to the theme. Headliners DNCE dance onto stage as Darth Vader and Storm Troopers. They wave DNCE flags and begin fighting each other with red light sabers. The crowd goes wild! It’s utterly ridiculous and incredibly fun. This was a taste of what the show was going to be.


Lights up after a quick blackout. The intro for “DNCE” blasts. The crowd goes wild!

DNCE was conceptualized by Joe Jonas, former multimillion record selling member of the Jonas Brothers. DNCE was formed in 2015 by Jonas, who recruited guitarist JinJoo Lee, a South-Korean native. She toured with the Jonas Brothers on their 2009 tour, as Jordin Sparks’ lead guitarist. Eccentric, former member of Semi Precious Weapons, bassist/keyboardist Cole Whittle, and Jack Lawless, former drummer for the Jonas Brothers are also members of the group.

According to DNCE’s profile on Ticketfly, Jonas was thinking of starting a band like this for 5-6 years. Their music is definitely pop based, up-tempo energetic music. Their song “Good Day” is a testament of their overall theme. They want fans to have a good time at their shows, too!


(Left to Right) Cole Whittle, Joe Jonas, Jinjoo Lee – Cannery Ballroom – 1.31.17

Photo Courtesy of DNCE Twitter Page

Each member of the group has their own style. JinJoo was rocking high ponytails, baggy cargo pants, a Calvin Klein sports bra, and shiny silver glasses. Jonas wore a cheetah print jacket with a high-fashion shirt underneath, two distinct patterns splitting the shirt in half, with white ripped white jeans. Whittle was wearing an Asian-inspired oversized jumpsuit with STOP sign knee-high socks, that matched perfectly with his daring Mohawk. Lawless was probably the most “normal” out of the bunch, sporting jeans and a gray t- shirt.

screen-shot-2017-02-03-at-1-45-29-pmCole Whittle – Cannery Ballroom – 1.31.17

Photo Courtesy of DNCE Twitter Page

Their style is definitely worth mentioning. DNCE is marketed as an edgy, eclectic, band, focusing on making vastly different fashion statements. Their outfits always stand out, making consumers question, “What are they wearing!?” But sometimes that’s fashion, right?

_89474934_5ba9315e-6f4c-4f6f-919e-f1bdd100ccd2(Left to Right) Jinjoo Lee, Cole Whittle, Joe Jonas, Jack Lawless

Photo courtesy of BBC News

As the concert continues, it feels as if we’re in a club and DNCE is our DJ. Their energy is radiating towards the audience. They jump all around stage, telling us to do the same. You can feel their energy and see their sweat, even 50 feet back. Members of the band jump into the crowd, and handed the microphone to audience members to sing parts of the song. They even had an intimate moment of performance. It was sort of like an “unplugged” or “acoustic” part of their show. Stagehands brought out large platforms, which were placed towards the front of the stage. Each member sat down for two songs and sang to the audience… I’m sure to take a breather too.

The group ended with their hit song “Cake by the Ocean.”Check out their music video below!

They didn’t even have to sing… everyone knew the words. Even the “oooh-ah-ha’s!”

Finally, confetti cannons blasted fake money with each member of the band’s face on them. From the moment their performance began, to the moment it ended, DNCE kept us laughing, on our toes and having a good time.

Overall, I enjoyed my time at the DNCE concert. They aren’t my favorite band, but they definitely created an exciting, energetic environment that any concert goer would enjoy. I would recommend seeing them again.

Rating 6/10

Photo courtesy of BBC News

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